Media & Telecom

Lansdowne helps industry leaders in the Telecommunications, Media, and Technology (TMT) sectors to tackle business issues on the CEO’s agenda from value growth strategies to operational improvement. We work with the leadership team and frontline managers to develop new capabilities and approaches – and then ensure they are applied effectively to create real-world results. Over time we have developed these abilities into a suite of profit-improvement products that have helped some of the largest players in the sector become more successful.


Lansdowne helps industry leaders in the liberalized and converged telecommunications industry to develop value adding growth strategies with above market performance. Moreover, we support our clients to improve the customer experience, increase revenues and cost positions and design optimal strategies and organizational structures to achieve future growth in their core and adjacent markets.

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Revival of MVNOs


Lansdowne supports media players with the ever evolving digital revolution with innovative and value creating business models and strategies to leverage their core assets. We provide our clients with end-to-end support to implement these strategies and achieve operational excellence.


Lansdowne collaborates with leading vendors and developers in the fast changing technology industries, particularly with providers of telecommunication equipment, handsets and customer premises equipment, consumer electronics and IT services. We design and implement optimal and tailor-made “Go-to-market” strategies to help our clients achieve sustainable and long lasting market success.

Our expertise

Lansdowne is at the forefront in understanding how to capitalize on new technologies and emerging trends in the TMT industries and convert them into marketable and profitable revenue streams. At Lansdowne, we support our clients to achieve competitive advantage on three fronts: revenue improvement, cost efficiency and strategy for future growth.

Someone is trying to steal your customers

All over the landscape, traditional business models are now – or soon will be – under fire from new players large and small focused on winning profitable niches from incumbents. The only response is to fight back, but working out where to play and how your business can realistically compete has never been harder.

How can we help?

Lansdowne has a track record of helping TMT clients respond to the new environment by changing the basis on which they acquire, develop and retain customers while at the same time improving their profitability. This approach is built on robust strategic analysis, realistic appraisal of client capabilities and the following three operational pillars:

Customer Imperative: Get close to customers & manage them as an asset

As the value chain is restructured, the player who owns the strongest relationship with the customer is likely to capture the margin. Understanding customers’ unmet needs and frustrations needs to become a core competence as any gaps or weaknesses invite new players to break into their territory.

Through working with industry experts and consumer insight specialists, we have developed innovative products that allow us to generate a deep understanding of the underlying drivers of customer buying and churning behaviour. This has enabled us to build a new, relevant fact-base for clients to convert marketing, product innovation and retention initiatives into lasting profit improvement.

In addition to shining a new light on the needs of core customers, we have developed analysis techniques which make it possible to manage subscription customers on an individual level based on their actual behaviour – without resorting to grouping or approximation. Combining the two approaches allows us to more precisely and confidently define profitable customer pools that your business can defend – and also develop a concrete business case for new products or marketing actions.

Productivity Imperative: Drive cost out to stay lean and agile

For all players in the value chain there is no more room for waste and duplication in the system. As competition to deliver the commoditised components of your service forces prices ever downward, the ability to convert cost into margin becomes a core competence.

The benefits from driving out cost are broader than just profit improvement. Maintaining a lean operation goes hand in hand with the ability to respond rapidly to new opportunities and threats. We have a solid track-record of creating multi-million pound savings from driving productivity improvements in sourcing, supply chain, process optimisation and cost reduction.

Execution Imperative: Match your appetite to your ability to deliver

Too often the strategic process ends at the boardroom door and fails to assess how much change the business can realistically support. This issue comes into sharp focus as many businesses attempt bold leaps into new, untested areas.

We help businesses to identify, quantify and then realise opportunities that leverage their core assets into new areas where they can create more value. Through our ability to work with both the Board to develop the strategy and the frontline to deliver it, we reconcile high-level objectives with real-world constraints to produce implementation plans that are commercially astute and achievable.