Private Equity & Venture Capital

The crisis in the financial markets has hit the private equity and venture capital sector extremely hard. As a consequence, both will need to adapt their business models in order to be successful in the future market. First, maintaining liquidity in their current investments will be more important than ever as debt is unavailable or prohibitively expensive. Second, the “hands-off” management strategy of many financial investors will be reconsidered since the times require aggressive new approaches to reduce costs and optimize working capital.

Lansdowne Consulting is the ideal partner for private equity and venture capital firms. Our team’s many years of international, strategic consulting experience, M&A expertise and deep industry insight across multiple sectors enables us to support your investments across the entire lifecycle.

Furthermore, we operate as entrepreneurs ourselves. This we demonstrate not only through the active involvement of our partners and senior experts in projects, but also through our flexible and variable rate models, which we use to share the risks and rewards with our clients.

For private equity and venture capital clients, we offer specialist teams to support three project areas:

• Transaction Support
• Turnaround Management and Restructuring
• Cost and Supply Optimization