Our Government practice builds lasting relationships with the world’s leading public sector organisations by helping them to address their most urgent and complex challenges. Through creating a team that combines deep public sector experience with functional and situational expertise we have successfully transformed the effectiveness and efficiency of public institutions, enabling them to better fulfil their mission to the public.

The scope of our engagement is broad but our role usually focuses on direction setting, creating pragmatic and achievable delivery roadmaps and ensuring the right team is brought to bear on the delivery challenge. We then roll our sleeves up and drive toward a result working as one integrated unit with our client, doing whatever is required for success, and responding flexibly to the upsets and barriers we encounter on the way, consistent with our overall approach.

Our recent work has focused in three areas, the pressing cost-reduction challenge across the public sector, the ongoing transformation and efficiency drive across government and the emerging state-building challenge in the international development community. The output of some of our recent work is contained in the following links:

Collaborative Cost Reduction

Case Study: A major public sector organisation was tasked with coordinating the implementation of a multi-$bn cost reduction programme covering over 4000 independent organisations. We helped to develop a transformation concept based on a new collaborative contracting model & transformation programme for pan-government procurement covering all local and central government indirect spend.

Collaborative Cost Reduction:

Case Study: Working with the management team of a major public sector organisation we made substantial reductions in the cost of a core contract with annual spend in excess of £100m using our cost reduction toolkit. We successfully engaged with and developed a strategic partnership proposal between the CEOs of the client and a potential supplier leading to aggressive pricing and benefits in excess of £10m

Collaborative Cost Reduction:

Case Study: Developed local government collaboration across 36 authorities to compare procurement practices and prices achieved and identify successful approaches.

Complex Implementation Programme Design and Delivery

Case Study: We worked with a global business transformation and outsourcing partner to define the commercial approach for a major public sector department engaged in a multi-£billion transformation programme. We established the pricing structure and level between the department and the partner and also between the partner and its many sub-contractors

State Building

Case Study: We participated in the prestigious Ditchley Conference in June 2009, contributing to the debate on development effectiveness with leading representatives of the UN, EU, OECD, World Bank and senior diplomats from both donor and recipient nations.