Cleantech has experienced a massive surge in interest from government, industry, professional investors and entrepreneurs in recent years. Multiple drivers such as rising fuel prices, climate change consciousness and government financial incentives have made Cleantech a ‘must have’ field for investment. However, this is a field laden with pitfalls as well as opportunities. Large sums of cash are now chasing a limited supply of ventures that offer real financial potential. The key for investors is to identify the gems among the proliferation of ventures that are swelling the Cleantech ranks. On the other side, entrepreneurs with an innovative product and attractive business model must find a way to break through the noise to attract the necessary financing as well as industry and government partnerships.

Transaction Support

Lansdowne supports Cleantech ventures and investors in the most critical aspects of the transaction process from fund raising to commercial due diligence to strategic partnering. We believe success in Cleantech is highly correlated to the strength of the company’s industrial partnerships and the quality of the investor team. This is why Cleantech ventures work with Lansdowne. We take a hand-in-hand approach to help young companies grab the attention of potential financial and industry partners in an increasingly crowded field. Furthermore, Lansdowne leverages its international network to identify and select best-fit investors and strategic partners to ensure our clients have access to sufficient capital and market channels.

Cost Reduction and Working Capital Improvement

While political and social pressures drive funding and support for Cleantech developments, ultimately these products and services must be economically viable in order to succeed. Therefore, Cleantech firms should strive to achieve the lowest possible cost base in order to ensure that their future is not held at the mercy of external factors, such as fossil fuel price fluctuations. Lansdowne offers a series of cost reduction services, such as global component sourcing, redesign-to-cost and raw material procurement, to help Cleantech ventures improve their competitive cost position and market durability.